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The pandemic has exposed us to new health threats and environmental toxins. Our bodies need the right support to fight off these harmful invaders and protect our organs, cells and even DNA from toxic residue.

That’s why Xtralife has developed a range of natural products that are developed specifically to support your body’s natural resilience processes against spike proteins and other pathogens.

Xtralife is not just a company, it’s a project. A project that brings together experts from nutritional biochemistry, cellular biology, and pharmacology to create the most advanced natural health science solutions for the community. A project that aims to improve the quality of life and well-being of the most vulnerable people in our society, supporting those exercising their right to self-determination in health choices.

This is Xtralife. This is the way forward.

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How Does Spike Detox Work?


Xtralife sourced 4 powerful ingredients to support your body in natural processes to break down spike proteins. Watch the video to learn how.

How Bad Are Spike Proteins?



How long do they stay in body? Are they causing heart attacks, strokes early deaths? Follow some science in our article.

How Does Rewind Work?


You have heard of Life Extension,

Anti-Ageing, is it real?

Watch this video to update your knowledge and order a sample today.

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Vitamin Bank

Our vision is to start a vitamin bank, marketing premium nutraceutical products allows us to subsidise distriution of critical vitamins to those who can’t afford them. A naturally healthy community is a cohesive community, where health science technology is available to everybody.

Spike Detox

Whether you encounter them from infection, injection or connection, the spike proteins are a new environmental toxin which seems to be here to stay.  Most people’s bodies can break them down quickly, but not everybody is bouncing back quite the same. Some people benefit from support.

We have a specific ‘Spike Detox’ product to help anybody who may have been exposed to spike proteins. It is available now.

Age Reversal?

You have heard of Life Extension, Anti-Ageing, is it real? Xtralife is at the forefront of developing and improving technology in this area, and in our opinion there are certainly supplements that you can use to slow the process of ageing and to restore some of what time has eroded.

We take the best technology currently available on the planet and we improve it. Right now we are excited about NMN/NR combo, read more and get your sample now.

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Background information about Xtralife


We are a New Zealand team of professionals from pharmaceutical background with a keen interest in natural medicine.

Our multidisciplinary expertise in nutritional biochemistry, cellular biology, pharmacology, marketing, management & law put us at the forefront of new technology for early adopters.

Bromelain enzymes from Pineapple, are strong enough to tenderise meat. We like them because they break down spikey toxins in the body.
Rosehips contain flavinoids like Quercetin, a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and anti-viral activity.


Our background in pharmacy gives us the discipline of quality control in ingredient sourcing and testing, and product manufacture standards.

We like to geek out about certificates of microbial analysis and exacting manufacture standards so that you don’t have to.


We started with a combination product with different forms of NMN and NR combined, because we wanted the best of both worlds in the antiaging field. We want guaranteed high quality and we want it all in one product for convenience.

Now with the unique challenges of the 2020s everybody has the same combination of specific vitamins they are looking for, so we are applying the same principal, here are the things you need right now in high quality in the correct ratios in one pill at a good price, or ask us about bulk powders if you prefer.

Onions are another source of Quercetin, it's such a dynamic antioxidant flavinoid, be sure to read about it in our library.
Our bodies are part of a living relationship with nature. We have great confidence in the human body's ability to protect and repair itself given the right materials from nature. The joy of discovery in this realm are so rewarding, and that is what we hope to share with you!


Our vision is to start a vitamin bank, so the best protection of optimal natural health science can be provided to everybody.

In the future our health will be protected by natural medicine, and our community will be one cohesive body formed of trillions of healthy cells.

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