We are a New Zealand team of professionals from pharmaceutical background with a keen interest and expertise in natural medicine.


We are addressing a niche in convenient targeted formulations of supplements that are sometimes hard to source locally.


Our background in pharmacy gives us the discipline of quality control in ingredient sourcing and testing, and product manufacture standards.

We like to geek out about certificates of microbial analysis and exacting manufacture standards so that you don’t have to.


We started designing Spike Detox to counter the new environmental toxins that the 2019 pandemic introduced as soon as we saw the mechanisms of the new viruses, and the side effects profile of the new pharmaceutical interventions used by the majority of the population. We also developed Rewind, an NAD combination product, to support our people to age healthily and specifically to support our bodies’ DNA repair mechanisms.

Everybody has the same combination of specific vitamins they are looking for, so we are applying the same principal, here are the things you need right now in high quality in the correct ratios all in one pill.


Our vision is to become a not for profit foundation, to build a ‘vitamin bank’ which accepts koha and donations to subsidise vital health supplements for those who can’t afford them. Robin Hood style.

Our commitment to community is to conscientiously design products to support health, and make them available in a way that supports community health infrastructure.

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