Spike Detox normalised breathing and diminished fatigue after injections and cancer, where ivermectin did not have this effect.



“I kept getting sick – my immune system was so low. Friends gave me the name of these pills. I felt a surge of energy on these pills. I did catch another cold .. but have to say it only lasted 3 days which was short lived compared to the [other] colds I ave managed to catch, I think because of these pills”

My friends gave me the name of these pills because I kept getting sick – my immune system was so so low. I took them the way you advised – I felt so good that I ordered a second round.

I am 58 year old female – I can say that I felt a surge of energy on these pills – which was great !!

I did catch another cold while taking these pills but have to say it only lasted 3 days which was short lived compared to the colds I have managed to catch. And I think that is because of these pills.

I have a number of friends in the same way – battling illnesses – so I have put them onto these pills too.

Sandy Fregular customer


“Since the roll out of the vaccine I have suffered from the most terrible itchy skin rash on legs arms and back.  I would just have to scratch until I was bleeding,  even having to wrap bandages around my lower legs to stop myself from scratching.  Since taking the detox tablets the scratching almost came to an end but now I have a lot of scarring on my lower legs which I’m really upset about with summer approaching.    I am 72 years old and apart from having to have vitamin B12 top ups I have never had any other health issues. I had always had a bit of minor excema but this is nothing like that.  By the way I am totally unvaccinated but live with and spend most of my life with people who are vaccinated.”

Lindaregular customer


Less tired, far less forgetful. 

I’m actually really loving the rewind pills, I’ve noticed I’m less tired and far less forgetful as well In just a matter of days with just taking 1 pill per day. I would love to keep taking them! Thank you for the trial I’ve been looking for something to help with fatigue and my memory. I’ve finally found it 😊👏.

Katie B.”

Rewind bottle
Katie Bregular customer


Emotional Stability from Mental Clarity. 

First came mental clarity – I focused more & forgot less, then as a result of that clarity came emotional stability, I always see the big picture so no anxious reactions or stress. Also, at the gym it’s like I am 20 years younger.

51 M on 2 per day. 

Matt B.”

Rewind bottle
Matt Bregular customer


Stayed focused and on task. 

I took the recommended dosage over 7 days. 
Definitely felt mentally sharper and had long lasting stints of motivation. I felt I was able to stay focused and on task.
My hair also seems to have grown a lot in this past week. In length and extra new growth popping up making it fuller.
37 female
Natalie A.”

Rewind bottle
Natalie Aregular customer


“I got double jabbed and got terrible fatigue for over a month from my covid infection. I did feel better days into taking Spike Detox.. keen to order some more.. I am back to my normal self pretty much”

Basically after my 2nd jab I found that when I exert myself (I am a Landscape Gardener)  at work my heart races and I get short of breath more so than ever before.. its instant.
Tasks I have done in the past with little stress, I’ve been doing this 18 years now..
I now need to stop and get my breathing and heart rate under control.

Then I got covid with extreme fatigue for 6 weeks.. the breathlessness and racy heart still remains though if not a little worse,  like I don’t have to exert myself much and I get it..
I did feel better days into taking Spike Detox, so I wanted to see if taking another month of your vitamins will help with that..

Kararegular customer


Lots more energy, less weight, want to try 2. 

My name is Kay and I am 70 years old.
I have been taking 1 pill a day for the last 26 days.
I have a lot more energy now and l don’t have scales to weigh myself but I’m pretty sure I have lost some weight.
I would love to have taken 2 pills a day… I want to continue taking these pills..”

Kayregular customer


My wife and I both have long covid. She has been suffering for two years with a foggy mind, muscular skeletal pain, autoimmune disease and multiple mini strokes.
Two weeks ago she commenced the Spike Detox. This week her brain fog is less, healing of her autoimmune ulcers has increased exponentially, and she is reporting less pain.
I want to thank Xtralife and Matt for this amazing product. My wife is coming back to me, at a time that she had lost all hope.
It’s a miracle. Thank you 🙏

Merran Gregular customer


Bit more energy, bit more mobility

My lower back is kinda f***ed. Having additional energy allows me to move easier and in return that seems to have been having an impact on the pain i would get. Pain that was so bad at times i would literally hit the ground and not be able to get up for about 20 mins.

Brain also seems to be benefiting as i was finding things to be a real chore. kickstarting the thought process just would not engage. With Rewind however I have been a little more productive, concentration levels come and go but thats normal for me. but most importantly I’m also less prone to getting frustrated.”

Boris.regular customer