“I got double jabbed and got terrible fatigue for over a month from my covid infection. I did feel better days into taking Spike Detox.. keen to order some more.. I am back to my normal self pretty much”

Basically after my 2nd jab I found that when I exert myself (I am a Landscape Gardener)Β  at work my heart races and I get short of breath more so than ever before.. its instant.
Tasks I have done in the past with little stress, I’ve been doing this 18 years now..
I now need to stop and get my breathing and heart rate under control.

Then I got covid with extreme fatigue for 6 weeks.. the breathlessness and racy heart still remains though if not a little worse,Β  like I don’t have to exert myself much and I get it..
I did feel better days into taking Spike Detox, so I wanted to see if taking another month of your vitamins will help with that..