“Spike Detox normalised breathing, diminished fatigue & stabilised heart rate after injections and cancer, where ivermectin did not have this effect”

Hi, just wanted to provide some feedback!! After my Dads ‘injections’ he promptly developed a ‘turbo’ brain tumour. We instantly got him into a course of ivermectin which we believe brought him the time he needed to undergo convention surgery and treatment. Post treatment (with a ‘clear’ diagnosis for now), he was still tired, aching, having breathing difficulties and muscle and joint problems, and general lethargy. He would be great for a day or two, then sleep for the next day or two, a repeat cycle. Docs insisted it was a result of radio and chemo, but we weren’t convinced so we decided to try your spike detox, and the results have been amazing! He us now in the last of the spike detox supplements and he is pumping! His energy is dramatically increased, he has gone the whole week without crashing with fatigue, and his breathing is normalising. His heart rate is stablising for the first time in a year and his general aches and pains are diminishing! A dramatic improvement in his health all round! He says he feels alive again! Although I haven’t had any ‘injections ‘ I have had close contact to many who have, particularly Dad whilst supporting him through his tumour treatment, and have been experiencing symptoms of what I believe to be associated with such exposure. I thought I should take the course alongside Dad, be his pilot! My headaches have all but gone, my heart rate is normalising and general energy levels dramatically increased. Super impressed with your product! Every time someone speaks to Dad they want on board too, so I have been busy ordering courses for other members of extended family, hence the multiple orders.