How Does Spike Detox Work?

Spikes are toxic residue from infections and injections associated with brain fog and fatigue. Your body can only break them down if it has the right tools.

This video gives you some tools to dissolve spike proteins, as thousands of other people have done.

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Spike Detox
A natural formulation from Xtralife Health Science for people who need support detoxifying from spike proteins.

60 pill bottles

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What is a Spike Protein?

Spike proteins are a toxic residue from corona virus, linked to brain fog and fatigue. They are found in our body up to a year after exposure. Often found in long haul sufferers, they can interfere with important body systems including heart and vascular health. They are broken down naturally by enzymes which some people can do quickly, while other people benefit from support.

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What is in Spike Detox?

60 pill bottles

$65 + gst

6 month course

delivered monthly

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