How To Rewind Your Age

Grow physically and mentally younger as you age!


People who take Rewind think and feel years younger.

Biologically their cellular age is slowing or going backwards.

There is a secret that pharma don’t want you to know.

Topping up one simple enzyme in your body (NAD+) can reverse some age related decline.

What is NAD+

NAD+ is a body enzyme that starts running low from around age 35.

Then many body parts start to deteriorate, because they need NAD+

So topping up NAD+ like you top up oil in a car, supports your body to repair itself.

DNA tips fraying when NAD+ levels are low

How can NAD+ help me?

Rewinding your age makes a big difference to your body and mind.

There are so many systems and parts of your body that rely on healthy NAD+ levels. Here are just a few:

Mental Clarity

NAD is critical to the processes of mental clarity. NAD levels dropping with age are associated with memory loss. In studies of mice with Alzheimers disease, increased NAD levels improved memory after even one week. Increasing NAD levels supports the body’s processes of recalling memory and clear thinking.

Muscular Function

NAD is critical to the muscular processes. Mitochondrial diseases, dystrophies, myopophies are associated with low NAD levels. NAD repletion improves muscular function in mice. Increasing levels of NAD supports the body’s normal muscular function including repair.

Anti Aging

NAD is critical to the process of DNA repair, and makes old tissues look young again. Repairing DNA halts a number of degenerative processes meaning longer life. Increasing NAD levels supports the body to maintain condition and to resist damage to DNA.

Skin Appearance

Research suggest that depleted NAD in skin cells is associated with UV sensitivity, skin cell death, DNA damage (leading to moles, freckles, blemishes, etc.), and even skin cancer. Increasing NAD levels supports the body’s normal processes of maintaining healthy skin.


Research in animals showed NAD increase rescued female fertility, that old animals became fertile again. In humans some trial participants mentioned increase in libido, we are not sure whether it is to do with increase of mental activity overall or increased energy. Try it!

Energy Levels

Research showed that boosting NAD levels in older mice increase stamina and endurance by up to 80%. Studies have shown enhanced energy metabolism and improved production of ATP due to NAD being an integral part of ATP production. ATP is the ‘energy carrying’ component in cells of all living things. Increasing NAD levels as we age supports the body’s natural energy systems.

Telomere Growth

Telomeres are the tips of your chromosome strands responsible for DNA repair. Telomeres shorten as you age, like a candle burning, and DNA degrades, which can lead to more healthy cells becoming cancerous. A study was carried out where people consumed 300mg of NAD precursors (equivalent to one of our pills) per day for 90 days. In this time their telomeres doubled in length. Telomere length is a factor in calculating biological age so this represents an unlocking of biological age reversal, as well as cells staying healthier for longer.

As NAD+ is involved in so many processes in the body, there are many rejuvenative effects being studied at present. Just search online for NMN or look at Some scientists say NR is even better so Xtralife give you both NMN & NR together so you get the best of both worlds.

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