Keeping Health Science in the Hands of the People


You’ve seen our motto is “Keeping Health Science in the Hands of the People.”

Our vision has always been to become a community owned vitamin bank and this year we are taking the first steps toward that goal. Xtralife is transitioning to a steward ownership model.

This means we will become a not-for-profit organisation, selling fancy products to people who can afford them, so that we can give away or subsidise critical life saving products to those who aren’t in a position to pay for them.

Join us on our Journey


In the mean time there is an investment opportunity. We have successfully used natural health technology to help a lot people in the past 2 years, and this year we want to expand and grow into a vitamin bank.

We will begin with a crowdfund, reaching out to investors who want to invest in a future community asset. We are building a system to generously reward investors with a capped return on the understanding that in future years after investors have been rewarded, those shares will move back to a community trust, governed transparently with values aligned with wellness in the whole community.


Our technology will focus on natural health solutions to improve community wellness and to detoxify from environmental toxins, including alcohol, all forms of drugs, and radiation and other wellness issues that arise. Our vision is to grow into community wellness centres to provide support for those who are not catered for in the other avaiable health systems.


Early 2024 we will run a crowd funding campaign, we are working out the details now but any angel investors or consultants wanting to be involved at early stage please contact us.

We want to make sure it is worthwhile for investors, and want to attract investors who want to build some legacy. This community bank can become the backbone of a new natural health system.

We believe a healthy system is one where all the cells are healthy, and energy can flow freely. Nature always has a way to support our bodies to maximise their wellness, and humans have a right to access these ways.

We will provide the support for those members of the community to take good care of their wellness.


What is Steward Ownership?

Example of Steward Ownership in New Zealand