Life Extension & Age Reversal Unlocked in Animals?

Yes, you read that right! You’ve heard the stories of scientists on the cusp of finding a cure for “old age” and frail blind mice regaining their sight, their strength, their skin tone, memory & fertility. So how does that work and can you try some now?

SUMMARY: Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (“NAD” to its friends) is an enzyme critical to cellular processes which declines over time. Many age related degenerative diseases are associated with declining NAD levels. Researchers increased NAD levels in animals and the results were possibly the biggest breakthroughs in natural health science for life extension / age reversal*

Boosting NAD is as simple as taking a pill with natural ingredients that your body already knows & it’s available for you to try right now.

Which natural processes are supported by increasing NAD levels?

Muscular Function

NAD is critical to the muscular processes. Mitochondrial diseases, dystrophies, myopophies are associated with low NAD levels. NAD repletion improves muscular function in mice. Increasing levels of NAD supports the body’s normal muscular function including repair.

Mental Clarity

NAD is critical to the processes of mental clarity. NAD levels dropping with age are associated with memory loss. In studies of mice with Alzheimers disease, increased NAD levels improved memory after even one week. Increasing NAD levels supports the body’s processes of recalling memory and clear thinking.

Anti Aging

NAD is critical to the process of DNA repair, and makes old tissues look young again. Repairing DNA halts a number of degenerative processes meaning longer life. Increasing NAD levels supports the body to maintain condition and to resist damage to DNA.

Skin Appearance

Research suggest that depleted NAD in skin cells is associated with UV sensitivity, skin cell death, DNA damage (leading to moles, freckles, blemishes, etc.), and even skin cancer. Increasing NAD levels supports the body’s normal processes of maintaining healthy skin.


Research in animals showed NAD increase rescued female fertility, that old animals became fertile again. In humans some trial participants mentioned increase in libido, we are not sure whether it is to do with increase of mental activity overall or increased energy. Try it!

Energy Levels

Research showed that boosting NAD levels in older mice increase stamina and endurance by up to 80%. Studies have shown enhanced energy metabolism and improved production of ATP due to NAD being an integral part of ATP production. ATP is the ‘energy carrying’ component in cells of all living things. Increasing NAD levels as we age supports the body’s natural energy systems.

* (To discover the story of the latest breakthroughs in anti aging science, we suggest you read New York Times best seller “Lifespan – Why we age, and why we don’t have to” the story of Harvard biologist David Sinclair and his scientific journey to make your health span equal your life span.)

How do we increase NAD levels?

  • There are two natural ‘precursors’ (building blocks) which increase NAD levels.

  • NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) and NR (nicotinamide riboside.)

  • Both are natural derivatives of niacin.

  • Xtralife gives you the best of both worlds.

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