We are looking forward to coming to hear some New Zealand Doctors Speaking on Science.

We believe in the importance of open discussion in the community, and supporting availability of second opinions in areas of health and wellness.

At our stand we are talking about two different types of technologies.

Matt is representing Xtralife Health Science Limited who have developed Spike Detox product, a supplement using nutritional biochemistry to provide targeted support for those people whose bodies, for genetic or other reasons, are struggling to breakdown toxic viral residue.

Tony and Brendan are demonstrating iTeraCare wands, which emit frequencies in the terahertz range, along with a hot air blower which many find to be a a uniquely relaxing feeling which you can come and experience on the stand.



iTeraCare is based on energy healing and frequency. It reharmonises energy flow in the body.

Spike Detox

A nutritional supplement to support your body’s normal detoxification systems.