REWIND (NMN+NR) 90 day subscription.

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Receive a fresh 30 capsule bottle of NMN + NR anti-ageing technology every month for 3 months to rewind your body clock and pay 3 easy monthly payments of $45.

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A lot can happen to your life expectancy in 90 days.

A recent 90 day study in humans showed that consumption of NAD+ boosters for 90 days doubled the length of telomeres. These are the tips on the ends of our chromosomes which protect our DNA. Telomere length is a key measure of biological age. They gradually shorten like a candle fuse every time our cells divide and DNA replicates. Shortened telomeres have been linked with cancer, lung disease, many things related to ageing and lifespan.

The study used 300mg NAD+ precursor ‘NMN’, equivalent to just REWIND capsule today, as REWIND contains 150mg NMN plus 150mg NR together in each pill. This is a more up to date technology, but equivalent or better than 300mg NMN.

Are you ready to try this? We really want to see this work for as many people as possible by making it as affordable as possible.

We will send a 30 pill bottle every month and we charge you 3 affordable, easy payments of NZD$45 (you can change currency at bottom of page.)


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