Rewind (NMN + NR) Sample

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Can science rewind your biological age?

Scientists measure NAD levels when we want to know your biological age because the NAD enzyme is critical to so many bodily systems.

NAD levels decline from age 35 onwards, now known to be instrumental in many age related health issues.

Boosting NAD levels naturally using supplements then, supports many bodily functions. It isn’t a medicine that cures disease, it is a cellular nutrient that supports normal functions, it makes things run smoothly like oil in your car. It is our first choice because it supports so many systems from cognitive functions, impacting mood and emotional processing, energy levels, sleep quality, DNA repair, telomere length, vision, insulin levels, muscular repair. Most customers say they can feel the effects mentally after a week or two and then more in depth effects after a month or two.

Maintaining a healthy body and mind is critical to quality of life today as our life expectancies are longer and we breed later in life than previous generations. Xtralife scientists’ mission is to find the science that looks the most promising and make it available and affordable for as many people as possible. Currently we recommend NAD boosting supplements. There are two natural supplements that do this, NMN and NR.

NMN PLUS NMR Combo combines the strength and power of both NMN and NR, taking into account the anti-aging research of David Sinclair into NMN and the many studies being done in the area in cognitive restoration on NR. Scientists are in two camps on which is best, but the differences are marginal, depending on your genetics and a variety of factors. In our view the best strategy is to take both.

Each capsule contains 300mg of natural NAD boosting nutrients:

Xtralife recommends you try just one capsule of any new product to check for sensitivity or allergy, then up to 3 capsules per day is safe. We are confident you will notice it if you are maturing and feeling effects of age. Energy and wellness at 1 pill per day, mental clarity sometimes takes 2 pills per day.

As a rule of thumb, people aged over 35 years should take 1 cap per day, people over 50 should try 2 caps and people over 65 might want to try 3 caps per day, as our natural levels of NAD decline with increasing age.

Most people ‘feel’ the effects at 2 capsules per day.

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