REWIND (NMN + NR) (sample pack)

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10 pill pottle of REWIND.


NMN PLUS NMR Combo combines the strength and power of both NMN and NR, taking into account the anti-aging research of David Sinclair into NMN and the many studies being done in the area in cognitive restoration on NR. Scientists are in two camps on which is best, but the differences are marginal. Why choose one or the other when you want both?

Each capsule contains:

Now you can with XTRALIFE, 150mg of NMN & 150mg NR in every pill.

Xtralife recommends you try just one capsule of any new product to check for sensitivity or allergy, then up to 3 capsules per day is safe. As a rule of thumb, people aged over 35 years of age benefit from higher doses, as their natural levels of NAD have stared to decline. Most people ‘feel’ the effects at 2 capsules per day.

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