Which plants did supercomputers predict would shield our cells from spike proteins?

Human bodies have natural detoxification processes which rely on us having the right enzymes available from our diet. Specific enzymes and antioxidants support clearance of different toxins, and there are specific plant extracts which support our bodies in protection of different entry points where toxins might enter our cells. This formula is based on materials indicated by computer simulations into molecular structures, and materials tested in vitro at a cellular level (in test tubes and petri dishes) and found to support our body’s natural defence and detoxification from spike glycoproteins.

How can a dietary supplement support my body's natural process of spike protein detox?

Over the last two years human bodies have been exposed to fresh environmental toxins including spike proteins* and have seen a surge of people having issues with heart health and blood clotting normally related to our angiotensin systems. Early computer modelling warned us of these potential threats and predicted both medical and natural means to support our bodies through this time. This formulation focuses on supporting the body in its natural processes to break down toxins, and to support our body’s normal protection of cellular entry points to our angiotensin system, (called ACE2 receptor sites.) A healthy angiotensin system has a role in stabilising blood pressure and preventing strokes.


Vitamin P (Quercetin) is a flavonoid which supports the body’s immune system. Shown in the past to reduce organ damage after certain viruses, Quercetin has multiple mechanisms to support the body in breaking down viral particles and binding up the toxic spike glycoproteins to prevent them entering cells. Quercetin was predicted by super computer to be in the top five tools to support the body’s natural defence to prevent spike proteins entering cells through the angiotensin receptor sites. For these reasons, we believe Quercetin supports a healthy angiotensin system, and supports the body’s natural process of breaking down this toxin.
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Black Cumin Seed

Black Cumin Seed (latin: Nigella Sativa) has helped healthy hearts, healthy breathing and stable blood presure for over 1000 years. Known for a long time to assist the body’s natural anti-viral systems, supercomputer analysis gave this compound a higher score than the most popular medicines for breaking down viral proteases (virus structure,) but the activity of Black Seed’s components, including Thymoquine, in inhibiting spike protein entry to ACE2 receptor sites being confirmed in cell cultures raised our interest in Black Seed as a support to a healthy angiotensin system and supporting the body’s natural recovery and detoxification processes.
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Bromelain is a ‘clean-up’ enzyme group extracted from pineapple. Pineapple juice is often used to tenderise meat due to Bromelain’s ability to dissolve and breakdown certain glycoproteins, and Bromelain is fibrinolytic, it breaks down the fibres which cause blood clots. Combined with N-acetylcysteine it was shown to break down spike glycoproteins in cell cultures and to prevent spike proteins entering cells through angiotensin sites. It is this type of activity that suggests that Bromelain supports the body’s natural detoxification processes.
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N-acetylcysteine (NAC)

Cysteine is one of the essential amino acids (targeted proteins required by the body) and the most useful form in nature is possibly n-Acetylcysteine, which is found in that health powerhouse, the culinary herb, Garlic. Converting to glutathione, one of the body’s starring antioxidants, NAC enjoys usage in such diverse applications as hospital nebulisers for breathing support and as the antidote for painkiller overdose. The right dose of NAC supports the body in clearing mucous from lungs which can in turn open airways for ease of breathing, but it has also been shown to work alongside Bromelain to breakdown protective coatings on some types of cancers, and this combination specifically shown in cell culture tests breaking down spike glycoproteins, which may be left after viral infection or other forms of exposure. NAC then supports these normal detoxification processes in healthy humans.

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Unchartered Territory

There are some unknowns at present with new viruses and new approaches being tried, there is a lot that we don’t know about long term impact of the changes we have seen in our environment. As marketers of health supplements we don’t claim suitability of any product to prevent or treat any disease condition, but the natural materials used in this formulation have been selected in good faith to assist the body in its natural processes of detoxification from certain antigens which the body may have been exposed to, and to support your immune system, and to support the healthy normal function of your angiotensin system.

Please consult a health professional if you are unsure of usage, especially if you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed or if you are not well.
Let us know if the formulas do help though 😉

* (Spike proteins are a glycoprotein which form part of modern respiratory viruses and some medicines. These glycoproteins are not a disease, but they can be considered an environmental toxin, due to their potential interaction with human angiotensin system. It is our intention to provide information on how to assist the body’s natural processes of breaking down a toxic glycoprotein in the event that the body doesn’t eliminate them naturally as quickly as desired, and how to support a healthy angiotensin system naturally.)

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