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Welcome to xtralife – high quality targeted nutraceuticals for longevity, immunity and defence

The precise nutrients you need, capsuled in the perfect ratio, and all in one bottle to make it real simple.

We know exactly what you need and why you need it, we sourced high quality material, formulated it in perfect ratio, and we have it in stock in New Zealand right now, ready to go.
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Vitamin Bank

Our vision is to start a vitamin bank, marketing premium nutraceutical products allows us to subsidise distriution of critical vitamins to those who can’t afford them. A naturally healthy community is a cohesive community, where health science technology is available to everybody.

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Buy your supplements from us, because they are high quality and perfectly targeted for today’s problems. We believe in a socially cohesive community and we stand with you against all forms of discrimination.

Who Are We?

We are caring professional scientists with decades of experience in pharmaceutical development who actually trust in natural medicines to protect our health.

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Few facts about Xtralife


We are a New Zealand team of professionals from pharmaceutical background with a keen interest in natural medicine.

We are addressing a niche in convenient targeted formulations of supplements that are sometimes hard to source locally.

Bromelain enzymes from Pineapple, are strong enough to tenderise meat. We like them because they break down spikey toxins in the body.
Rosehips contain flavinoids like Quercetin, a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and anti-viral activity.


Our background in pharmacy gives us the discipline of quality control in ingredient sourcing and testing, and product manufacture standards.

We like to geek out about certificates of microbial analysis and exacting manufacture standards so that you don’t have to.


We started with a combination product with different forms of NMN and NR combined, because we wanted the best of both worlds in the antiaging field. We want guaranteed high quality and we want it all in one product for convenience.

Now with the unique challenges of the 2020s everybody has the same combination of specific vitamins they are looking for, so we are applying the same principal, here are the things you need right now in high quality in the correct ratios in one pill at a good price, or ask us about bulk powders if you prefer.

Onions are another source of Quercetin, it's such a dynamic antioxidant flavinoid, be sure to read about it in our library.
Our bodies are part of a living relationship with nature. We have great confidence in the human body's ability to protect and repair itself given the right materials from nature. The joy of discovery in this realm are so rewarding, and that is what we hope to share with you!


Our intention is to put the best energy into our business practice, to treat customers as we like to be treated.

Our commitment to community is to conscientiously design products to support health, and make them available at an affordable price.

Our vision is the start a vitamin bank, so the best protection of optimal natural health science can be provided to everybody.

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