Does Spike Detox work for Colds and Flus?

“Are the ingredients in Spike Detox helpful for common colds and flus.”

The answer is Yes!

Read about how the ingredients in Spike Detox support your body in a number of ways to prevent or come back to normal from colds, flus, coronaviruses or other ills and chills.



NAC & Bromelain support your body against mucous.

While studies showed NAC & Bromelain specifically break down SARS-COV-2 spikes, in fact NAC supports natural production of the powerhouse antioxidant glutathione, which acts in the lungs as antioxidant and expectorant (loosens mucous) in a natural way 1. Bromelain likewise acts as antioxidant and mucolytic (breaks down mucous)2 regardless of which cold or virus was present.

Quercetin supports your body against viral entry.

Quercetin as we know is highly effective against SARS-COV-2,3 but equally has been discovered to have similar virus entangling properties against many colds and viruses including HIV and SARS. It interferes with viral entry into cells, interferes with viral RNA, reduces ability for viruses to replicate and more 4.

Black Seed supports easy breathing.

Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin Seed) has been used for thousands of years for colds, flus and asthma, supporting the body to relax the muscles in the lungs to promote open airways and reduce stress and inflammation. 5.

Our tips for colds and flus:

  1. Take 1000mg Vitamin C with Spike Detox, because it recycles (cleans) the Quercetin so it can be used again and again, like a scrubbing brush.
  2. Take 20mg Zinc with Spike Detox, because Quercetin pushes Zinc into cells, and Zinc interferes with viral replication inside cells.
  3. Take more Vitamin D when unwell, because Vitamin D helps the body to fight respiratory infections.6

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