Can you guess which plants shield your heart from spike proteins?

Supercomputers warned us that spike proteins could interfere with our heart messaging systems. They also searched for the right shaped compounds to shield against these spikey toxins.

Two of the plants below have compounds that rated highest at shielding the heart messaging system. The other two contain compounds shown in cell culture to dissolve the spikes.

Spike Detox formulation combines these 4 compounds to support your body’s natural spike defence and detoxification. Click or hover on the pics to test your knowledge!

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From Pineapple. Shown in cell culture research in conjunction with n-acetylcysteine, to dissolve spike proteins.


Vitamin P. From Onion and Rosehips. Flavonoid picked by supercomputer to be in the top 5 compounds on the planet to shield heart messaging system from spike proteins.


From Nigella Sativa - Black Cumin Seed. Two supercomputers predicted based on biological modelling that Thymoquine would be highly effective at shielding heart messaging system from spike protein!


From Allium Sativa "Garlic" The most stable natural form of cysteine for producing the bod's champion antioxidant Glutathione, NAC was shown in cell studies to dissolve spikes in conjunction with Bromelain.

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What is a Spike Protein?

The spike protein is a glycoprotein found in recent viruses and vaccines. It can interact with your heart’s messaging system so is associated with stroke and heart problems. Human bodies have systems to break down toxic glycoproteins, but for some people spikes can linger and cause slow recovery. People who feel tired, sore, confused and not right for weeks after spike exposure may need additional materials to support the detoxification process.

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1 bottle $40

2 bottles $65

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