We are Xtralife Health Science.

We have team of scientists who understand pharmacology, biochemistry, natural medicine and human rights.

Our goal is to keep natural health science in the hands of the people. That means we attract scientists who want to work with us creating the best technology and we want to make it available to people whether they can afford it or not, which means we are shifting toward being community owned not for profit vitamin bank.

We are moving towards establishing an independent health council, for those people who choose to exercise their rights to self determination in health choices and for those who want to exercise the right to a second opinion or who can’t get the help they need from the mainstream health services.

We are planning such bulk buying opportunities for detox and health supplements.

If you would like to stay in touch with us, please opt in to our emails, we will maybe drop you a line once or twice a month, we won’t share your details, we will treat your inbox as a sacred space and there is always an unsubscribe link in our emails if you change your mind.


Matt @ Xtralife