Xtralife Supports People's Health Alliance

Our goal is to become a not for profit organisation. Every time you use the “PHA-NZ” or “PHA-AU” coupon codes we donate 20% of the proceeds of the sale to PHA’s account to be redeemed as free product for distribution to those members who cannot afford to purchase the products.

Xtralife believes in providing education and support to all individuals who choose to exercise their rights to self determination. Xtralife believes that the living human being is one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology on the planet, evolved over a long period of time in relationship with the plants with which we share biological origin. The body has developed incredible systems to maintain health, given the right support. Watch these videos to learn how we use targeted nutritional biochemistry to support healthy bodies.

Spike Detox

Supports protein breakdown, healthy blood, healthy heart &Β cellular wall integrity.


Supports epigenetic maintenance (healthy DNA) and ageing well.

What is Xtralife?

Xtralife Health Science Limited are a team of scientists in New Zealand who could see very early on what we should expect from spike proteins, and what the aftermath of the virus would look like and developed Spike Detox & Rewind supplements using nutritional biochemistry to provide targeted support for those people whose bodies, for genetic or other reasons, are struggling to breakdown toxic viral residue, and would like to use the best natural support available from our scientific knowledge.

Please use the coupon code PHA-NZ for New Zealand or PHA-AU for Australia when you place your order to get a $10 discount off every order, every time.

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