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March 2020 the world’s largest supercomputer “SUMMIT,” comparing human receptors and the virus with known medicines and vitamins, predicted Quercetin would be in the top 5 tools to support the body’s natural protection of our angiotensin ACE2 system from spike proteins. Article Nobel scientist Albert Szent-Györgyi who discovered Vitamin C, found that natural flavonoids like…

Black Seed (Nigella Sativa)

Used effectively for over 1000 years to support the body in times of respiratory distress and high blood pressure, Nigella Sativa was predicted by two different supercomputer studies to be an effective support herb against SARS Coronavirus. Find out why. Nigella Sativa’s powerful support for the body’s natural antiviral activities particularly against HIV, and its…


Animal research discovered that many aspects of mental and physical health which deteriorate as levels of NAD+ decline, can be restored by supplementing NMN & NR, two natural substances. Our understanding of human biology and now five years of human experience with supplementing NMN and NR showed us that many normal human processes also rely…


Bromelain is a ‘clean-up’ enzyme group extracted from pineapple. Pineapple juice is often used to tenderise meat due to bromelain’s ability to dissolve and breakdown certain proteins, and it is this type of activity that can assist the body’s natural detoxification processes. Let’s take a look at the science and zoom in on how bromelain…

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Human bodies are widely considered to be one of the most sophisticated pieces of machinery on the planet, and have slowly evolved their own systems of maintaining optimal life conditions against a vast array of environmental threats. Our focus is to supply the specific nutrients required to support these normal biological processes to maintain wellness, particularly around detoxification from environmental toxins, repair of damaged systems and general maintenance to continue a high level of functionality across bodily functions. It is clear that wellness is a function of diet, that the body requires often quite specific nutrients from the diet to support biological reactions in the processes which contribute to wellness and longevity. We are interested in which nutrients might be depleted that could lead to a breach of wellness, which nutrients are required for the reactions leading to detoxification and whether functionality might be sustained for longer periods of time if targeted nutrition is optimised.
Nutritional supplements catalyse, support and enable normal bodily processes, they don’t cure or treat diseases, our bodies have evolved systems over millions of years to optimise health and survival, they cure themselves and overcome many biological threats every day, it would be illegal for us to make any claim that these natural food elements were magically divining, treating or curing diseases or changing or modifying a natural process – that is simply not our business. The same should be understood of any experiments published or linked to in this library. Some of these studies are in vitro (“in glass”, meaning cell cultures in test tubes) or in animals which may not translate to human activity, and these are not the same as medical trials used to justify medicine usage. This information does not meet the evidential standards required to substantiate any medical or therapeutic effects. Documents and studies linked to here are for your own interest and personal study into the fascinating field of nutritional biochemistry, how natural molecules support the normal function of biological systems, and which natural dietary materials are critical to or supportive of normal human physiological and restorative systems. Furthermore, it should be noted that our tailored formulations and high quality products are distinct and uniquely different to any products used in any studies referenced here. Nothing published here should be construed as representative of any product which we market. We make no claims whatsoever as to the efficacy of any product at diagnosing, treating or curing any disease state, we are only interested in supplying materials normally found in foods which support natural healthy functionality. If you need medical advice please go to a doctor. The dietary supplements we provide are purely for nutritional benefit. The products marketed on this website as dietary supplements are simply targeted nutritional foods to support your body’s normal functions, if you are not feeling healthy, you suspect you may have a disease state, or require a medical opinion please see a medical professional to get medicine. Any information provided or linked to from this website should be understood to support understanding of natural nutritional biochemistry and terms and conditions of sale from this website require that agreement that it is understood that no product should be expected to have any medical effect against any disease state and customer does not have any expectation of therapeutic effect. No therapeutic claims should be inferred from any information provided here. Thank you for understanding and enjoy reading from the library.

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