Spike Detox supports natural break down of toxic residue after an exposure.

Spike proteins are a toxic residue from corona virus SARS-CoV-2, found in our body up to a year after infection clears. They are often detected in high levels in long haul sufferers, and may contribute to ongoing heart and vascular problems. They are broken down naturally by enzymes which some people can do easily, while other people benefit from additional support.

We have a product that provides that detox support – which makes a big difference for lots of people.

What’s all the fuss about Spike Protein?

Spike proteins are the sticky spikey points on the outside of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. We knew from the beginning of the pandemic that these spikes acted as a passkey for the virus to gain entry to our cells, but it wasn’t until later that suspicions were confirmed – firstly, that the spike proteins themselves can cause a great deal of damage to our bodies, vascular damage, heart damage and DNA, and secondly, that spike proteins can still be found in the body up to a year after a first exposure. Let’s look a these studies, and find out why some folks want to detox from spike proteins.

The Spike Protein Experiment

Salk Insititute in California was established by Jonas Salk, inventor of Polio vaccine. Salk scientists set out to discover whether the spike proteins themselves were responsible for any of the damage seen in COVID. The researchers made a pseudo-virus, with the spike protein on the outside, but no virus inside. They injected it into mice and exposed human cells to it in a lab. They found that the spike protein alone caused inflammation, blood clotting, and cell death in the blood vessels and organs. These conditions are consistent with the organ failure observed during and after the pandemic period. This showed also that COVID is not just a respiratory disease that effects the lungs, but also effects blood vessels, and causes vascular damage throughout the body, and this in part at least, could be due to the activity of the spike proteins themselves.

Can Spike Proteins Cause DNA Damage?

It is also thought that spike protein could potentially increase risk of damage to the DNA of the cells by interfering with their natural repair mechanisms. DNA damage is a normal process that happens when the cells are exposed to various sources of stress, such as radiation, chemicals, or inflammation. The cells have a complex system of proteins that can detect and fix the damage, which helps prevent mutations and cancer. However, some experiments suggested that the spike protein could block some of these proteins from reaching the site of damage, or activate other proteins that suppress the repair process. This would lead to more DNA damage, genomic instability, and cell death.

How long do Spike Proteins stay in the body?

Three different studies from Harvard University, Stamford University and Innsbruch University all found evidence of spike proteins present in the body months or up to a year after exposure. Some scientists found presence of spike proteins in the blood as an indicator for some forms of “Long COVID”. The presence of spike proteins in faeces and associations with issues of gut permeability have suggested that there maybe reservoirs of spike proteins still active in the gut of some individuals.


In conclusion, spike protein is a key component of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. It plays an essential role in viral infection and transmission, but it may also have other effects on human health. Some studies have suggested that spike protein can cause inflammation, blood clotting, cell death, DNA damage, and organ damage in various systems of the body, even without the presence of the virus. However, these studies are based on lab experiments that use artificial models and high doses of spike protein that may not reflect real-life situations. Moreover, these studies are not peer-reviewed and may not reflect the current state of scientific knowledge. Therefore, more research is needed to confirm and understand how spike protein affects human health in natural infection or vaccination scenarios.


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